Dec 10, 2021 • 2HR 28M

THEOPETRA Insiders' AMA - FULL Recording

Twitter Spaces - Dec 7th, 2021, Full Recording

Streaming Consciousness
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Anon - Founder, @TheopetraRECT

BowTiedRam - Mortgage Specialist, Theopetra

Kronos - Community Manager, Theopetra

250+ Members of Twitter Community ask a panel about TheopetraRECT:

  1. Self-Repay Mortgages

    Read @bowtiedram Thread

  2. NFT Launch

  3. $THEO Token and Protocol-Owned Liquidity

  4. Title, Tax, Legal

  5. Underwriting, Mortgages, and Multifamily

Weekly Spaces to come! (Next: Sunday Dec 12th tentatively)

NFT Launch on Dec 13th

Whitepaper Released Today!

Twitter avatar for @TheopetraRECTTheopetra ♟ @TheopetraRECT
Theopetra is crypto's first REAM - Real Estate Accumulation Machine. Here's our 2-page whitepaper:… Last VIP round of the week. 30 slots. Real-estate only. The Rules: RT & reply with your skills/exp. in RE. Self-Repaying Mortgage NFT Dec 13. Goodluck.
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